Connect, Build, Question

Connect: This work – especially now, in a Trump Era,- is exhausting. Critically analyzing the world around us and the socialization that has taken place in us, activating against oppressive forces, learning and unlearning, and taking care of oneself can often feel overwhelming and lonesome. Community, however, aids us in these processes and fights.  If you seek community, solidarity, a friend— let me know here.

Build: It is equally as important to move past connection and into activation. If you seek to build coalition, organize together, or somehow collaborate in people power- let me know here.

Question: I say “Learning and Unlearning” because, in many ways, working towards social justice is working on oneself. Along the way of unlearning toxic socializations, there is bound to be questions and confusion. Additionally, there is nuance. If you seek the answers to questions in which you believe my knowledge, experience, or essence may serve as useful- let me know here.