Trump’s Win: A Loss for Survivors

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault & Abuse I created this video in the hopes of sharing a few of the many ways in which the Trump presidency negatively impacts survivors of sexual trauma. Please watch and share as it is imperative to protect and care for those who have already lacked the protection they rightfully deserve….

Pride: What are we proud of again?

It’s that time of year again. Happy Pride week, folks. All around the country, cities are breaking out their rainbow flags and preparing to honor the LGBTQIAA community with their brightly colored parade floats and police sanctioned partying. Here in San Francisco, home of The Castro, we host the largest pride festival in the country….

Against All Odds

Youth is imagined, by both adults and youth themselves, as a time filled with rallies, crazy nights, and a rushing feeling of immortality that fuels it all. Being in high school is our time to be carefree, or at the very least only worrying about our grades and homework. But, for many like me, youth doesn’t…