About Amanda

Hi, I am Amanda Agustin! I am a freshman at University of San Francisco majoring in Sociology & a proud mixed Colombiana and Filipina! A large portion of my content on here comes from my time as a journalist at Youth Radio producing stories for NPR, KQED, and other news sources! Though I am no longer sharing my (and my various communities’ ) voice on public radio, I am still passionately devoted to being a catalyst for social justice surrounding the idea that:

When marginalized people’s stories are told, we are often talked aboutWe are made into research and statistics, our words are twisted, and our intersecting identities are erased to fit into the dominant narrative. Both general society and the world of journalism frequently tell the stories of women, youth, Latinx, queer people, people of color, and other marginalized communities without actually listening to or including their voices. We hardly ever get to be the ones telling our own stories. So, this is my blog- it’s filled with my complexities, the struggle of my people, and the fight to be heard. I tell my own stories.