Vote Amanda Agustin 4 Student of Color Representative!

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Agustin and I’m running to be USF’s next Student of Color Representative. You can vote RIGHT HERE starting April 17 at 10 am until April 21 at 5 pm.

As students of color in higher education, our experience at USF is not homogeneous.

This is what I hope to highlight in my efforts to be the representative for students of color on campus. Though I can offer the perspective of being a mixed, Colombian/Filipina, brown indigenous Latina, first generation, queer student, I cannot and will not claim to understand the struggles of communities I am not a part of. I believe this to be important. It doesn’t do marginalized communities any justice to assume that any one of us can speak on the experiences of us all, especially when our experiences are contingent on our specific identities. As the student of color representative, I don’t wish to speak on behalf of students of color as much as I hope to speak with them. To pass the mic. To listen. To empathize. And, to understand that I will not always understand but that I don’t have to in order to stand in solidarity.

To convey more of who I am as a candidate, I want to share who I am as a person- what I believe. I believe in the power of the people. I believe that the word “ally” is a verb. I believe in reparations. I believe in existence as resistance. I believe in finding community. I believe in anger and bitterness. I also believe in love. I believe that all three are necessary in revolution. I believe in revolution. I believe in the validity of generational trauma. I believe in healing. I believe in my ability to take all of these beliefs and be a powerful tool for USF students of color to be best represented and served.

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